We strive to maintain a picturesque, fun safe and clean environment for all of our guest to enjoy during their stay at Elk Haven. Therefore, we request you abide by the following rules and regulations for the benefit and enjoyment of everyone:

    1. Check-in time is 3PM. Checkout time is 11AM. Alterations may be pre-approved at the discretion of the management based on cleaning staff availability and on cabin being rented before or after your stay. At time of check-in, the remainder of the total fee is required to be paid by credit card or cash. Checks are not accepted. ALL customers are required to provide a government issued ID. If you don’t have a credit card, a $300 cash refundable Security and Cleanliness Deposit is required.

     2. Guests are responsible for any damage to their cabin(s) or the cabin area grounds. We expect the cabins and the grounds to be left the way they were when you arrived except for a general housekeeping service. IF YOU SEE ANY DAMAGE WHEN YOU CHECK IN, NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY AND WE WILL MAKE NOTE OF IT SO YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED. *

      3. Smoking is ONLY permitted outside of cabins away from open doors, windows and propane tank. Smokers must dispose of cigarette butts in an ashtray. A $200 minimum cleaning fee for smoking in a cabin. *

     4. Two Vehicles (including trailers) maximum per cabin. You must notify us when reserving if you need space for more than two vehicles.

      5. No operation of ATC/Quads/Dirt Bikes on property. You can drive in and out (if street legal) while heading to and from the trails, but recreational riding in the park is prohibited.

      6. Our facilities are for registered guests and approved visitors only so that we can maintain the safety and security of our property. Unapproved visitors are NOT allowed at any time. For each unreported guest you will be billed $50 per day. *

      7. Only registered dogs are allowed in Cabins 1&2, 4&5, and Colcord Cabin with restrictions per our separate pet policy. CABIN 3 IS A NON-PET CABIN. If you are going to bring dog(s) (separate fee applies), you must specify at the time you make reservations and sign the separate pet policy form. Unregistered dogs/pets will be billed at $50 per animal per stay. *

      8. Linens/Towels can be exchanged for clean replacements every 3 days. If you need fresh towels and sheets every day (You change the sheets), we will provide them for you for $25 per day. *

      9. A $50 minimum cleanup fee for any cabin that is excessively dirty (including dirty dishes). If our staff must wash or re-wash your dishes there will be a minimum fee of $50.*

     10. Campfire pit and surrounding gathering area is open to all guests unless fire restrictions are in place. Firewood is available for purchase. No other outside fires are allowed. Fireworks are never allowed. As a courtesy to the other guest and the tenants of the adjacent RV Park, please limit the use of the area ONLY until 10:00 PM. No excessive noise or “loud parting” is allowed at any time inside or outside that disturbs other guest. Please clean up area after use, throw away your trash, and do not throw bottles or cans into the campfire or marsh mellows around the campfire area. Please respect our property and our other guests. PLEASE DO NOT BREAK THE BRANCHES OFF OUR TREES FOR ANY REASON. If you need sticks for roasting marshmallows or hot dogs, they are in the kitchen cupboard of every cabin. Our trees are very costly, and we happen to like them the way they are. Do not damage them. Replacing a damaged tree can cost hundreds of dollars, so please, just don’t do it.  

     11. There is one propane Barbeque for each cabin. Please turn it completely OFF when you are finished cooking.

     12. A $50 minimum cleanup fee for dog feces, graffiti, cigarette butts, confetti, streamers, silly string, balloons, airsoft pellets (BB’s), bottle caps or other items improperly disposed of.  If a pet is found in a NON-PET friendly cabin there will be a $50.00 charge. *

     13. A $50 minimum lost/non-returned key charge. *

     14. Wi-Fi and Direct TV access may be limited due to weather or service interruptions and is not guaranteed. DO NOT CHANGE THE SETTINGS ON THE TV.

     15. No cleaning fish in the cabins.

     16. This is a rustic mountain environment. Therefore, guests are responsible for taking precautionary care of themselves and their guests on the hilly, rough terrain at all times, especially in the winter months. We are not liable for any accidents, injuries or loss of any kind. Also keep in mind there are wild animals such as Elk, bears, deer, skunks, raccoons, birds of prey and others to be aware of.

     17. Any firearms must be disclosed to the management upon arrival. Additionally, paintball and BB guns or any other firearms are not allowed for use on the property. 

* Additional fees will be charged to your credit card.